Cara Anaya: Woman who Suffers 90 Orgasms Per Hour


Can you imagine being diagnosed with a rare disorder that can make you experience 180 orgasm in just two hours? This is as real as it gets and is certainly no laughing matter!

Meet 30-year-old Cara Anaya, the Arizona woman who has been living with something called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, which means she has to endure constant arousal, sometimes for up to six hours a day.

It’s been three years since Cara who is a married and has a child, was first diagnose, her life completely changed when one afternoon she felt sexually aroused for no apparent reason. Her daily routine has been impaired as she suffers spontaneous orgasms in the supermarket, on the school run – and even in the playground.


Cara who used to work as a waitress, feels too embarrassed by the condition to leave her home. What’s worse, it has deteriorated the relationship between her and her loved ones.


Cara has been married to Anthony Carlisi for the past 11-years, the couple has a 10-year-old son together, Merrick. 34-year-old Anthony Francis Carlisi who works at Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores tied the knot to his lovely wife on September 20, 2003.


In a recent interview she spoke to the Daily Mail, about living and dealing with PGAD saying

‘When you are around children you feel like a pervert because you have all these really strong feelings rushing through your body at the same time.

‘It has devastated my involvement in my son’s life because I feel too dirty to be a part of it.’

Her husband –who first thought she was crazy –fears someday she will have a really bad day and would want to put an end to it all. When she first experience PGAD she was out in public at a store, confused by the sudden arouse she began to panic, until she fell to the floor and had multiple orgasms.

She describes having the orgasms as torture saying

‘It will build and build and build inside me and it’s overwhelming,’ ‘It makes me giggle because of the momentary high, and outwardly I look okay, but inwardly it’s a torture.’

Nowadays, Cara spends her time feeling like a prisoner at home, she says she feels exhausted all the time due to the –at least- six hours of sexual arousal a day.

She, her hubby and son reside in Yuma, Arizona.

You can find the mother of one on Facebook here.