Top 10 Minnesota Vikings Wags

Minnesota Vikings Wags

We are all about Monday night football, and what happens when you put together beautiful women and the NFL? Well, that’s probably how the NFL WAG’s are born.

Get ready to meet the top ten wives and/or girlfriends romantically linked to the famous players of the Minnesota Vikings.

1. Emma Lavy Bradford


She is the gorgeous wife of Minnesota Vikings QB, Sam Bradford. Sam Bradford and Emma Lavy married on July 15, 2016 after becoming engaged in early March of the same year.

2. Haley O’Brien


The wife of left tackle, Matt Kalil. She is Miss Minnesota USA 2014 and currently a pre med student. She and Kalil tied the knot last year.

3. Jordan Rudolph


The wife of Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph. The couple tied the knot in February 2016 and welcomed twin daughters in October.

4. Sarah Chafee


The girlfriend of Vikings placekicker, Blair Walsh. The blonde is a FOX Sports TV host.

5. Jayme Miller


She and her hubby, Brian Robinson have been married since 2008.

6. Tiffany Brandt


Married to defensive end, Everson Griffen.

7. Jennifer Capista


She is married since 2006 to, linebacker, Chad Greenway. The couple met while attending the University of Iowa.

8. Erika Cardona


Is Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater’s girlfriend.

9. Ashley Brown


The gorgeous 2014 wife of running back, Adrian Peterson.

10. Vikki Zimmer


She is the long time wife of Vikings coach, Mike Zimmer.

There you have it folks, the wives and girlfriends of some of the top players in the Minnesota Vikings roster. Do you have your favorite?