Hannah Pixie Snowdon -Rocker Oli Sykes’ Wife

Meet Hannah Pixie Snowdon

Hannah Pixie Snowdon  is the wife of “Bring Me The Horizon” front man, Oliver Scott “Oli” Sykes. Her hubby of less than a year, is making headlines after he went berserk during a performance which ended in Sykes destroying the dinner table of Coldplay.

Reports say, during Bring Me the Horizon’s performance at the 2016 NME Awards, vocalist Oli Sykes jumped onto and completely toppled Coldplay’s table.

The English musician is also the founder of apparel company Drop Dead Clothing. Oli Sykes shared in an interview last year, he nearly killed himself after hitting rock bottom with drug addiction.

According to Altpress, when he was unable to refrain from using Ketamine, everything came to climax. The vocalist revealed: “I nearly killed myself. I just didn’t care whether I lived or not.” “I wanted to die.”
Moving on to happier times, the rocker tied the knot to his six-year-junior gal just months ago.

Hannah Pixie Snowdon is now known as Hannah Pixie Sykes. She and her man tied the knot last year. They tied the knot in Tuscany, Italy on July 2015. According to Loudwire, the couple have been engaged since December of 2013.


Hannah Pixie Snowdon was born January 19, 1993 in England. She is a model and also a tattoo artist. Hannah Pixie Snowdon currently operates her own studio, the private studio Black Stabbath in Sheffield, England. Accoridng to the page, Black Stabbath Tattoo officially opened to the public in the summer of 2014.

She revealed at age 16, she was hired by a couple of her best friends who were a lot older than her. They gave her the confidence she needed to quit college and really go into doing something that made her happy. Saying “It was risky abandoning all my studies as I was super academic, but ultimately I was miserable.”


Hannah Pixie Snowdon is known for her extremely awesome doodles. The Doncaster-born artist first fell in love with tattoos at the tender age of 16. Fast-forward to today and Hannah keeps shop in her very own Black Stabbath studio where she not only inks customers but also sells her exquisite handmade illustrations.

She also produced a collection of drawings titled The Key – the zine last year in aid of mental health charity Be Mindful.

You can find Hannah Pixie Snowdon on Instagram here.