Brittni Mealy- Rapper Future’s Baby Mama #2

Rapper Future Brittni Mealy pic

29-year-old rapper Future whose real name is Nayvadius D. Wilburn has been sued by two of his baby mamas, a couple of months ago it was baby mama #1 Jessica Smith who claims Future lied about his income ($16.516)  after they settled on a child support agreement in which the rapper agreed to pay $1,662 a month for their 10-year-old just days after he bragged about always carrying $25,000 cash with him at all times on a t.v show.

And today a second baby mama identified as Brittni Mealy is suing his butt, Mealy slaped him with a paternity suit this February, he took responsibility for this child on June 8th when he legally recognized the child as his own, he also asked for joined custody and agreed on giving child support, the sum was going to be determine by the court.

Brittni Mealy Rapper future son

Brittni said the amount is not enough, she is asking for the cash she didn’t received during the months she didn’t get any.

Brittni Mealy Rapper future baby mama picsBrittni Mealy Rapper future baby mama picture

25-year-old Brittni A. Mealy was born on October 25, 1987 in Detroit, she later moved to Georgia. Brittni studied at Clayton State University where she began her passion for jewelry, she began to sell her pieces in college, then she added more accessories, she opened her online business Pop Of Junk last year, now available for young girls too.

Brittni Mealy Pop of Junk

I realized that I had a passion for fashion and accessories and when I stopped working last year in December, I decided to turn my “side hustle” into a career and started Pop of Junk earlier this year in March of 2012.

One of the first things I did was secure my domain. Then I planned what type of merchandise I would sell. I started with accessories and then branched out to offer leggings and handbags.

When I sold accessories on the side, I did very well. The problem was I didn’t have a website that potential consumers could go to check out my inventory and ultimately make a decision to buy. I figured, if I established something more professional, I could obtain even more customers.

I had all ages in mind when I created my brand. A customer who works a 9-5 can find something on Pop of Junk just as well as a video vixen could find something she likes. We also have something for the little shoppers.

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