Cecilia Singley- The Walking Dead Actor Norman Reedu girlfriend


Who`s Norman Reedu`s current girlfriend? No one better than the wonderfulness brunette, 5`10 hazel eyes model Cecilia Singley.

But gorgeous Cecilia has built a reputation on her own. She is a Tom Ford model. Singley was living in New Orleans and took some modeling shots with Miami Beach- based photographer Megane Claire. Claire asked Ford to look at the pictures she had taken of Singley, and the aspiring model got a contract that very same day. That is certainly a lucky break!

If you doubt and think twice on the age gap just check this out: she graduated from high school on 2011….You make your own numbers as when Norman did…I just imagine people where wearing longer side buns then…

I read someone posting some comment over this age gap:

All you people saying this is “OK”, just wait until your 19 year old fresh faced little angel comes home with some 45 year old grizzled old man. Sorry, but, it’s gross and nasty. The girl was just in HIGH SCHOOL 2 years ago. Norman was in High School 30 years ago. There is something wrong with him. Sorry Norman Reedus fans, but there is something very big wrong with him and it’s not sweet or cute or worthy of your adoration and rabid fan protection. Like Oprah says “Once someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Due to her career, the beauty has to move around a lot. I guess this is good for the relationship, distance somehow spices up romance:

I sleep on someone’s couch, I am not really in one place for more than 3 months (in the year I have been doing this, I spent 3 months in Miami, 3 months in Paris, and I have now been in NYC for about 5)

Can youu believe she has never gone through diet!

I was raised to eat everything. My Mom is French, so there was always lots of fruit, bread and salad on the table. I was taught to include all of the food groups. I eat pretty much whatever I want, although I try not to eat massive amounts of anything. But honestly, I am super low maintenance and I can’t say I have ever dieted.

The swimsuit and underwear model speaks French and feels like she does her best work in Paris. There, she works with Crystal Models and has a profile filled with many shots of her sprawled out on the beach.

She said:

From a work perspective, that was the most successful city for me, I think because in Paris I am different-looking. I am tanned and blond and I have curves.

Check her FB here.