Carmen Llywelyn: Jason Lee’s Ex-Wife


Carmen Llywelyn used to be married to actor, comedian, producer Jason Lee. They were Mr. and Mrs. from 1995-2001 but in recent claims Carmen says it couldn’t have been more years, calling it a “marriage from hell.”

The also actress and photographer said at the time of the separation Scientology was the main reason for their breakup.


In a revealing interview, she told Radar what she fully experienced during her time within the church, mentioning excessive drinking, fighting, and Scientology secrets that she and the “My Name Is Earl” actor still share.


A Scientology spokesperson says Carmen was expelled from the Church twelve years ago and says her claims shows Llywelyn seeks to avoid taking personal responsibility for her actions.

Llywelyn stands her ground, and blames the church for justifying violence, saying they never cared for Jason’s violent behavior. The couple would drink heavily over the weekend which would lead to the fighting but be right back in church on Monday!


Carmen who is originally form Georgia, calls herself now a recovering Scientologist and her ex-, Jason Lee is currently married to Ceren Alkac, since 2008 and with whom he has two children.

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