Josephine Skriver: VS Angel with Gay Parents

22-year-old Victoria Secret model, Josephine Skriver is using her platform to to raise awareness for LGBTQ families. In a recent interview with i-D Magazine she reveals her experience growing up within an unconventional family, and oh boy did she have one!

The model was born via IVF to a lesbian mom, gay dad. It all started when her mom –who at the time was in a gay relationship –put an ad looking for a gay man to start a family with.

What that meant, was that the gorgeous gal –who has a brother in the same circumstances –was raised with “a mom and a dad, and a bonus set of parents.”


She says she felt no different growing up; her parents have made sacrifices, have loved, fought and taught her, just like any other parents in the world.

Even though the gorgeous model learned her family was different as she began school and was told it was “weird” she had no much of a problem growing up. It was when she started traveling as a model when she realized how tight the world is about the matter.



As she defends her reality saying “I’m not a science experiment, I’m not synthetics. I’m a real human being. I’m just as real as you are.” –making a reference to the controversial comments made by top-designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce –the model also reveals she’s heard comments like: ‘she shouldn’t even be here.’


Skriver was born April 14, 1993, in Copenhagen, Denmark. She first model as a baby and quickly joined Unique Copenhagen. According to Wikipedia, her mom is an IT analyst and her dad, a marine biologist.

In 2011 she made her debut at New York Fashion Week and in 2013 she debuted for Victoria Secret.

She has been part of major campaigns, including for Gucci, Bulgari, Max Mara, Michael Kors, DKNY, and M.A.C. And has worked with some of the best designers in the world.

For the record she is in a straight relationship with singer, Alexander DeLeon.

What do you think of her work to bring awareness to other LGTQ families?

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