Caitlin Cifuentes Miss Corpus Christy Losses Crown

Caitlin Cifuentes

Caitlin Cifuentes became the first-ever Miss Corpus Christi Latina but as it turns out, she won’t be after all! According to recent reports the brunette, who was crowned on June 11, has been dethroned.

You need to give us back the crown, is what Organization of Miss America Latina, Inc., told Caitlin Cifuentes, after coming to light that she has a criminal record and as a result can not even leave the country!

Caitlin is currently under “deferred adjudicated probation” (meaning she pleaded “guilty” or “no contest” to the charges) for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and driving while intoxicated, according to USA Today.

If she successfully completes the terms of her probation, she’ll avoid an official conviction.

As the case gains more and more attention, another question has raised, are pageant contestants with pending charges allowed to compete? The answers is pretty obviously negative. As a result local pageant director Kayla Alvarez –who decided to let Caitlin Cifuentes participate –is being sued by at least six pageant contestants for violating pageant terms. You can take a look at the docs here.


Though Alvarez says Cailtin has worked hard and that the brunette ‘won fair and square’ Caitlins’ status is a major issue for her fulfill her winner duties since she isn’t allowed to leave the county to further compete without explicit permission as part of her probation.

Moving forward, the lawsuit against Alvarez is still pending, and runner-up Valeria Barrera has been crowned the new Miss Corpus Christi Latina.

Caitlin is also known as Catalina Cifuentes according to one of her Facebook accounts. The gorgeous beauty pageant contestant was born September 20, 1990 and is also a fan of tattoos.

The 25-year-old is also said to be a divorced woman. Cifuentes who is an outspoken young woman, didn’t stay quiet and had this to say on a Facebook posting

“… Let’s remember this, nobody in life is perfect,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “I do not have a ‘title’ of MissCCL anymore but that does not stop me from being the Queen of Corpus Christi. I am here to empower those who have made mistakes in their past and are successful or are working toward success.”

“I was discriminated against, slandered, judged in the harshest ways, but guess what? I am still the real winner. Keep that old title because I would rather not be involved with a program which allows bullying. That’s not what I stand for.”

Do you agree with her views? One thing is for sure, Cifuentes has been taking the scandal with her head held up high, calling herself the “Queen of Corpus Christi.”