Who is Turing CEO Martin Shkreli’s Girlfriend/ Wife?

Wonder if you know if CEO Martin Shkreli is married? Has a girlfriend?

Martin Shkreli the American/ Albania and Turing CEO has become one of the most hated entrepreneurs. The whole hate thing started after his Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 per pill an increase of 5,455% I wonder what does his family has o say about that, Do you think they should defend his actions or should try to talk to him. When we say “family” we are not merely implying his mom, dad and siblings we also mean his wife if he is actually married or girlfriend… Wonder if you know who is Martin Shkreli’s better half?

Daraprin, the he life-saving drug used to treat an infection caused by a parasite that comes from eating undercooked meat and  drinking contaminated water and affects those with compromised inmune system like aids and cancer patients.

Daraphin has been on the market since 1953. Its rights were owned by Impax Laboratories until Turing purchased its rights for $55 million in August, 2015.

Martin Shkreli Bio

Shkreli, who was once CEO of Retrophin was sacked from his position by the board who named Stephen Aselage as his replacement. Retrophin sued him for $65 million for misuse of company funds on August 17, 2015.

Steve Aselage

This tryst came around September, 2014 after Retrophin acquire the rights to Thiola (used to treat the incurable kidney disease called cystinuria) and Shkreli planned to increase the price (by over 20 times).

Rethophin LLC the biotechnology firm was co-founded by Martin Shkreli and Marek Biestek in 2011. The managed the company from the offices of MSMB Capital the Capital Management they founded in 2009.

Martin Shkreli girlfriend

Shkreli was born in Brooklyn, New York on April 1, 1983 to Albanian/ Croatian parents who according to Bloomberg had janitorial jobs. Shkreli holds a BBA in Finance from Baruch College. His first steps in the business came as an intern at Cramer Berkowitz & Co in March, 2000. After he left in 2004, he became an analyst at Intrepid Capital. He founded his own hedge fund Elea Capital Management in 2006.

Lehman Brothers sued Shkreli for $2.3 million for failing to cover a “put option transaction” in which Martin bet the wrong way on a broad market decline. Lehman won the lawsuit.

He became Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at MSMB Capital Management LLC in January, 2006; he was appointed CEO of Retrophin, Inc in January, 2011.

Martin Shkreli girlfriend

Shkreli founded Turing Pharmaceuticals AG in October, 2014. Turing also distributes Vecamyl used to treat moderately severe to severe essential hypertension.

He founded the non-profit charity the Shkreli Foundation early in 2015. The Shkreli Foundation was created to help those individuals in their battles with their own adversities.

He tried to purchase eSports in 2014 for #1.2 million. (Shkreli plays League of Legends under the name Cerebral), his offer however was rejected; so Skhreli then founded Odyssey eSports.

And now what we are all wondering is Martin Shkreli married? No, he is not married.

Does Martin Shkreli have a girlfriend? It doesn’t seem like he has one.

Is Shkreli gay? No, he is not. Not long ago he created a profile on OKCupid that he has now been deleted.

Martin Shkreli girlfriend

Shkreli posted he was a New Yorker looking for a “girlfriend,” he added a brief description of himself..

Intelligent, handsome and all sorts of other good qualities. I am endlessly entertaining, providing comedic relief and artistic thought in one convenient package. What a catch!

I started a drug company to find treatments for rare and severe diseases. I have spare time, however, and I’m excited to build a relationship and share my life with someone.

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