Joe Amoroso – Baby Doe Bella Bond’s Father

Bella Bond aka Baby Doe never met her biological father Joe Amoroso.

Joe Amoroso and his three-year-old daughter Bella Bond never met, her life was cut short by Michael McCarthy her mom’s boyfriend who claimed he killed her because she was possessed by the devil.

32-year-old Joe Amoroso lived in Florida for years before he returned to Boston in hopes to connect with his little daughter Bella born from his relationship with Rachelle Bond, but the meeting never happened, Bella was dead, her death was confirmed to him by Rachelle finally told him, her boyfriend had killed their daughter.

Rachelle Bond claimed her one night her little daughter refused to go to bed. Her boyfriend 35-year-old Michael McCarthy went into her bedroom to try to calm Bella down.

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Rachelle Bond Michael McCarthy Bella Bond mother

Rachelle walked inside the room when she didn’t hear any noise coming, but when she walked in she noticed McCarthy standing over Bella, whose head was swollen and her body was gray, she was dead. The cause of death severe trauma for consisting punches in the stomach, although the medicals examiner they found no signs of internal bleeding or external bruising consistent with blunt force to the victim’s stomach – ithey areworking hard to find what exactly McCarthy did to Bella’s stomach that made her unable to breathe.

Rachelle and McCarthy put her little body inside a bag and stuffed it inside the refrigerator for a month, they then dumped it on the Boston Beach.

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Rachelle Bond Bella Bond mother

Rachelle Bond said her boyfriend told her he believed Bella was possessed by the devil.

“She was a demon anyway. It was her time to die,” McCarthy allegedly told Bond.


Joe Amoroso Bella Bond father


Joe Amoroso was at the Massachusetts Court where Bond an McCarthy appeared for their court hearing, Bond’s bail was set at $1 million, McCarthy was denied bail by the judge. Amoroso said that even though he never met Bella he was there to represent her. He couldn’t retrain himself for yelling at McCarthy when he was charged with murder.

“Mike McCarthy, you’re done! You won’t last a day!”

Joseph Amoroso dated Bond until she was arrested for prostitution, he lived in Florida for two years or so and came back to Boston in August hoping to meet Bella, his mother Mrs. Patricia Quinn hadn’t seen the girl since 2013.

When Joe Amoroso asked Bond about Bella she nervously told him, she was out of the city, but after he continued to confront her, she finally told him the truth. According to the Boston Globe, Joe Amoroso was homeless when he met Bond who was also homeless. Their child was conceived in a tent at the Occupy Boston encampment in the city’s financial district.

He never met his daughter born Bella Neveah Amoroso Bond nine months later, by the time of her birth, Amoroso was living in Florida where he eventually married someone else.

Like Bella’s mom, her dad Joseph Amoroso has a criminal record, he was arrested several times mostly driving- and drug-related offenses, going back to 2005, his latest arrest came in 2012, when Amoroso pleaded guilty in 2012 to resisting an officer with violence and larceny under $100.