Who is Steven Fernandez 12-year-old Victim?

Teenage pro skateboarder Steven Fernandez –who is also known as Babyscumbag –has been arrested and booked for sexual exploitation! Recent reports indicate the 15-year-old YouTube star was taken yesterday.

According to TMZ, Steven –who came into the skateboarding scene a couple of years ago wowing sponsors –allegedly used his celebrity status as bait to sexually exploit an underage girl.

Police say, the Compton native, told a 12-year-old girl he’d introduce her to big name celebs in exchange for sexual acts. The girl agreed and a sexual act was committed.

Fernandez is not the only one involved in this mess. Along with Fernandez, police also arrested two adults: his manager, Jose Barajas and Keelan Dadd –who is also a skateboarder.

Since Steven’s breakout, he’s gained a huge social media following.

Steven Fernandez was born In February 27, 2000. He grew up with three brothers and a sister. His parents are of Mexican descent. According to online info, his father was diagnosed with eye cancer and a his mother had to work.

Just a few years ago Fernandez and his family endure many hardships. He talks about living in poverty in a video.

He says his brothers are responsible for getting him into skateboarding but other sites credit his grandmother –who gave him his first skateboard at age 9.

Fernandez got a break at age 11 and ended up getting sponsored by a skate shop. Soon after a clothing line followed.

The young Steven was also casted in a Universal feature film called Search Party.


For those who speak the skateboarding lingo, according to L.A Weekly, Fernandez soars over stairs and destroys curbs and handrails, always landing on his wheels, as a feline lands on its paws. Alright so, he is pretty good, we get it. What you also need to know, is that he is pretty good at getting girls.

His social media is plagued with images of different girls. Doesn’t matter age or race. Some photos are pretty questionable for a 15-year-old.

During an interview he revealed his secret saying:

First step to get a girl is looking up the video, “How to Get Girls” by Steven Fernandez. The second step is listen to it. Just don’t be shy. Just do it. Don’t be scared, be confident, and you’ve got it.

His YouTube page has a staggering 37 million views. He has more than 170,000 followers on Twitter. On Instagram he has a million followers. His presence is undeniable but will his reputation be intact?

Do you think Steven’s life in the streets was the main cause of his current situation?

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