Rob Weinstein’s Wife Annie Clayton

Annie Clayton

Annie Clayton used to be the lovely wife of Robert Weinstein –the current head of The Weinstein Company and the younger brother of film mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

Robert who is also known as ‘Bob’ is often described as the ‘quieter’ of the brothers. He was born October 18, 1954 in Flushing, New York.

Bob and his brother Harvey, have been working together for most of their lives.

Following his college graduation, Rob Weinstein and Harvey ran a concert promotion business. Throughout the 70’s, the brothers independently produced rock concerts under Harvey & Corky Productions.

In the late 70’s they followed their passion for movies and created Miramax Films–which became the most successful independent studio in America. Miramax was named in honor of their parents Miriam and Max, since they installed in them the love of cinema.

In 1993, Rob Weinstein founded the genre label, Dimension Films –which is now included under The Weinstein Company banner.

Over the years, Bob and Harvey Weinstein have produced several Oscar-winning films, including “Good Will Hunting,” “Shakespeare in Love” and “The English Patient.”

The brothers sold Miramax to Disney in 1993 for $80 million, the duo continued to operate it until they left in 2005. Later that year the brothers officially launched their multi-media company, The Weinstein Company.

Annie Clayton

He was married to Annie Clayton with whom he has three children. Annie’s ex, has been making headlines in the wake of his brother’s alleged three decades of sexual harassment.

In response to his brother’s allegations, the younger Weinstein slammed Harvey calling him a “very sick man.” Bob’s brother was dismissed from the company on Sunday.

Annie Clayton

Ann Clayton is a former book editor, she and Rob tied the knot in 2000, at the time Annie Clayton was 31-years-old. The two are proud parents of three children.

Annie Clayton began dating Bob while she worked as a receptionist at Miramax Films. She left the company because of the relationship and took a job at HarperCollins as an assistant editor.

According to her IMDb she also has a couple of film credits including “Grinder” and “No Quarter.”

Bob Weinstein had been married once before and has two children from the previous marriage.

In 2012, Annie Clayton filed for divorce. She was accused of alcoholism by Weinstein’s people. Her lawyer said she did not suffered from any addiction. In divorce docs, Annie Clayton sought a protective order because she feared Rob Weinstein could harm her.

Earlier this year, the ex’s listed a NY Brownstone Townhouse with a $19 million price tag.