Port Richey Mayor Dale Massad’s Girlfriend Caj Joseph

Caj Joseph

Caj Joseph is the lovely girlfriend of disgraced politician and former MD, Dale Massad –currently serving as the Mayor of Port Richie.

Caj’s boyfriend is said to have been arrested on charges of practicing medicine without a license. Things are not looking good for the 68-year-old who was taken by deputies after they served him with a search warrant and shots were fired. Massad was arrested and no one was injured during the shooting.

Officials proceeded to arrest Massad after they received reports that he is still practicing medicine. His medical license was relinquished in 1992.

Known as Dale ‘Doc’ Massad –he served as a Port Richey city councilman three times from 2000-08. He was elected Mayor in 2015. He also served as chairman of the city’s Port Authority Board.

This is not the first tango between Massad and police. Just last August he was arrested on domestic violence charges. At the time, he and girlfriend, Caj Joseph got into an argument and were both arrested on charges that they battered one another during an argument at their home.

58-year-old Caj Joseph was then described as his live-in girlfriend. He was accused of grabbing her and shoving her into the home office –as a result, Joseph was left with a small scratch on the back of her neck and left arm.

When Massad tried to walk away from the domestic spat, Joseph then punched the mayor in the back, her arrest report said.

Caj Joseph

The two were taken to the Land O’Lakes Detention Center. Massad was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. Joseph faced a felony charge of battery on a person older than 65.

This was not the first time, Caj Joseph got into trouble with the law either. Police arrested her on a charge of misdemeanor battery in May 2016 –after she and another woman got into an altercation at Massad’s home. In fact, county records show she has been arrested 14 times since 2011 –charges including felony battery, burglary and violating probation.

Following the August incident, Massad who posted bail –implied his relationship with Joseph –whom he has known since 1985, was over. He said in the past he would bailed her out but not anymore.

According to social media, Caj Joseph is originally from Clearwater, Florida. She attended Clearwater Central Catholic High School and lives in Port Richey.