Paul Caneiro charged with killing Brother & family in Colts Neck fire

Paul Caneiro

Paul Caneiro is the older brother of late Keith Caneiro –Square One’s president who was killed earlier this month along with his entire family.

Paul’s brother was shot to death outside his home while his wife, Jennifer and their two children were also found dead inside their mansion in Colts Neck. The house was then set on fire. Police believes all four deaths were victims of a homicide.

Paul Caneiro who worked with his brother –was arrested in connection to the investigation and recent updates indicate authorities believe, it was his doing. The older brother was first taken on aggravated arson charges in relation to the fire at his home. However, police immediately began looking into connections between the two crimes.

Paul Caneiro

According to his LinkedIn, Keith Caneiro was listed as the funder, CEO and Chief Technology Officer at Square One.

The computer company he founded, Square One, shares space in Asbury Park with two other companies he is tied to: EcoStar Pest Management, a pest control company; and Jay-Martin Consulting, a technology company derived from the brothers’ middle names.

According to the prosecutor, Paul Caneiro shot his brother multiple times, stabbed his brother’s wife and two young children, then set their mansion on fire. He then proceeded to set his own Ocean Township home on fire with his family inside. Prosecutor believes this was an attempt to destroy evidence.

51-year-old Paul has been charged with four counts of murder, one count of aggravated arson, one count of illegal possession of a firearm and one count of illegal possession of a knife. It is believed the motive of the killings was financial.

Paul and Keith have been described not only as business partners but also as best friend who talked almost daily. It is yet unclear if there was something specific that went wrong between them.