Megan Short Penn. Mom Killed by Abusive Husband

Megan Short

Megan Short of Pennsylvania was found dead over the weekend, with her, the bodies of her husband and three children along with the family pet, were also declared dead.

In a jaw dropping news, Megan Swingle Short is believed to have been kill along with her entire family by her husband who then committing suicide. Reports say the wife and mother of three suffered from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and was attempting to put her marriage back on track.

It’s been revealed, Megan Short and her husband Mark were the parents of 8-year-old Liana, 5-year-old Mark and 2-year-old Willow. Their youngest, Willow, suffered from a congenital defect and was given a heart transplant when she was just six days old.

This is isn’t the first time Megan Short and her family are featured in the news. She and her husband talked about the difficulties in acquiring medical help for their daughter back in 2014. The inspiring survival story of their daughter was featured in The NY Times.


Police believes the murder-suicide tragedy could have been triggered by a number of events. Megan Short frequently wrote about her struggle with PTSD for the site Philly at heart. In a blog post, she said she had nightmares and anxiety over her daughter’s transplant.

It’s been also revealed she and her husband had been separated and were trying to fix things.

Megan allegedly left her husband for another woman she had met in the transplant circles. That relationship didn’t work and she and Mark were allegedly trying to work it out but were struggling.

“She said that Megan told her she had been in a relationship with another woman she met through transplant circles and added, “He was very upset she left him for another woman.” The Shorts were trying to repair their marriage, said the friend, whose son was also an infant heart transplant recipient and bonded with Megan over it. She said that PTSD is a known phenomenon in transplant circles and that people should not discount the crumbling relationship as a possible motive.”

The couple had been suffering from a lot of domestic issues, the District Attorney revealed.

33-year-old Megan and her husband Mark, 40 lived with their children in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. The family of five was found at their home on August 6, All died of gunshots.

Investigators said a gun was found near one of the adults, but they did not specify which one. Police also found a handwritten note.

According to the Reading Eagle, Megan Short was trying to leave Mark –her husband of 16-years. In a number of Facebook comments, she expresses her grief, hinting she’s been in an abusive relationship.

Bedazzled friends and family are said to have no idea of what was going on. She and her husband often shared dozens of photos of their children. Mark’s cover photo is a side-by-side with his wife and described her as the most beautiful woman and said he was lucky to call her his wife and mother of his kids.