Laura Giaritta Vanilla Ice’s Wife

Laura Giaritta

Laura Giaritta is the long time wife of rapper turned reality TV star, Vanilla Ice. By now, you probably heard her 48-year-old hubby had a major meltdown at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Ice, real name, Robert Matthew Van Winkle was caught on tape by another passenger as he shouted at a Delta employee because he missed his flight to Nebraska.

As expected the video made its way into media and according to the woman who filmed it, Ice was to blame.

While TMZ has a different story. They say Ice told them, he arrived on time but never got the final call. “No one has called me. No one said final call. Nothing,” he’s overheard ranting to the agent in the leaked video. “You didn’t board me! I’m sitting in the freaking line … You didn’t even say anything.”

Laura Giaritta also known as Laura VanWinkle, sure known her husband’s bad side. The couple has had major differences in the past. Back in 2008 it was reported Rapper Vanilla Ice was arrested on a charge of domestic battery after his wife called deputies to say her husband was hitting and kicking her.

Deputies arrived at the Wellington, Fla., home around 7:15 p.m. to find Ice (real name Robert Van Winkle) on his motorcycle, two blocks from their home.
Back at the house, Laura Van Winkle appeared uninjured and said she did not want to deal with media attention but wants a divorce. She said her husband, 40, had not hit or kicked her during the melee, but had pushed her.

The rapper said at the time, his wife has bipolar disorder and takes meds but still has irrational and argumentative episodes and had thrown a picture frame from a rear balcony to the ground.
Vanilla Ice says he did not push his wife, and left on his motorcycle so they could cool down.
It’s not the first time Vanilla Ice has been arrested in South Florida. In 2004, he was booked into the Broward County Jail on a domestic battery charge.


In 2011, reports of a split surfaced. Ice moved from their family home in Wellington, Fla. after he allegedly discovered that Laura had been cheating on him.

Laura met her future husband at a Fourth of July party in 1995. Laura Giaritta and Ice tied the knot in 1997. Together they have two daughters. Laura Giaritta gave birth to first daughter Dusti Rain in 1998. The couple welcomed second daughter KeeLee Breeze in 2000.