Keith Papini Jogger Sherri Papini’s Husband

Keith Palpini

Keith Palpini is the relieved husband of retrieved kidnapped victim, Sherri Papini. Keith and his wife reside in California with their children. Keep reading to read more about their story.

Keith Papini’s 34-year-old pretty wife went missing in her neighborhood of of Redding, CA; on the morning of Wednesday, November 2. She was jogging at the time.

Keith –who works at Best Buy –was at work when she was taken. He and other family members became concerned later that day, when they learned that Sherri hadn’t picked her two children up at daycare, which was completely out of character.

A worried Keith used the Find my iPhone application and located his wife’s cell phone and earbuds about one mile from their home, near the intersection of Old Oregon Trail and Sunrise Drive.

During the investigation, Keith Papini submitted a polygraph examination. The results of the test indicated he had no involvement with the disappearance of his wife. He went live pleading for her safe return.

Keith Papini told People

‘Knowing that she didn’t pick up our kids –  there is no way that ever happens.’

‘Everybody who knows my wife knows that there’s no reason for her to leave,

“My gut says it is a person unknown to myself and Sherri. My gut tells me it is just low-life people.”

It turned out, he was right. The blonde wife and mom, was released by her captors this morning, and has been reported she was abducted. Authorities are in the lookout for two women.

According to the sheriff’s office, she is “safe, in stable condition and receiving medical clearance at an undisclosed hospital.” She has been reunited with Keith Papini.


Accoridng to his LinkedIn, Keith Palpini attended Central Valley High School –where he enjoyed playing baseball, basketball and football.

He obtained an Associate’s degree, Administration of Justice from Shasta College. Prior to Best Buy he was employed for two years by Big League Dreams.

Keith began working at Best Buy in 2005. He is currently listed as en Elite Services Specialist and is ISF certified. Among his duties we can mention; managing the services talent system and communicating with multiple business groups regarding employee and business.

Keith and Sherri are the proud parents of two young children; a son and a daughter.