Jeffre Phillips- LaToya Jackson’s New Husband

jeffre phillips and latoya jackson 2 pic

If the rumor mills are true, Jeffre Phillips finally married business partner and BFF, LaToya Jackson in a very private and intimate ceremony yesterday, December 6.

According to Radar On Line, the couple exchanged vows with only a few family members present, including her mother Katherine and her nephew Prince.

This is La Toya’s second marriage. She had previously been married her manager, Jack Gordon, under terrible circumstances. Since separating from Jack, La Toya has gone on to reveal that after being tricked into marrying him in 1989, he terrorized, physically abused, and controlled her throughout the course of their marriage.

LaToya has finally been able to put the experience behind her, and now after almost twenty years has found love. Jeffre proposed to her on her show “Life with LaToya”.

She and Jeffre have know each other for many years. In an interview from a while back, Jeffre said,”’I met everyone in her family before her. I knew Michael and Jermaine and everyone before I met La Toya and to be honest I thought she was the odd one! Then I met her and saw how smart and talented she was and we just became instant friends.’

Long time friend Kathy Hilton stated some time ago, that she suspected Jeffre was in love with LaToya, and even said that they’d been in a relationship for years.

Well, whatever the case, if they really did get married, we wish them a long and happy life together.