Heather Bone is Ken Bone’s Wife

Heather Bone

Heather Bone is the wife of Ken Bone, the guy who has gained notoriety in the past few weeks following his funny appearance at the second presidential debate.

Bone from St. Louis, MO; is just an average and ordinary US citizen, who used a disposable camera to take pictures after the debate, turns out, he got a few laughs out of people.

Ken asked during the debate

“What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs, while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?”

But his question was pretty much inadvertently. Bone instead became an internet Buzz because people thought he was a funny guy with a funny name in a red sweater. Overnight Bone had thousands of followers on Twitter and was getting interviews by major news outlets.

But it appears every hero has its downfall and for Ken Bone it was his Reddit Q&A. Bone used his default Reddit screen name and next thing you know, funny looking Bone likes freaky ****, has an unpopular opinion about the Trayvon Martin shooting, looked at the stolen pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, and admitted to a crime.

All we can say is, every once in a while, the American people need guys like Ken, to have a nice laugh and forget all the world’s real issues.

Turns out Ken’s 15 minutes are still paying off, he was even invited to Jimmy Kimmel Live and according to Daily Mail, he will be commenting for Jimmy following the third and last debate.


Ken and wife Heather, walked the red carpet in Las Vegas this week. The couple has been married fro at least 12 years.

You might be asking yourself what does his lovely wife, Heather Bone thinks of her hubby new fame? Well Ms. Bone seems to be a lot more shy than her hubby but she has been posting photos of the couple’s trip to Las Vegas, so we think she is also enjoying ‘the ride.’

Ken also admitted during an interview she owes his wife for his fashion. “My wife dresses me” he told Jimmy Kimmel.

So there you have it, we have Heather Bone to thank for that sexy red sweater.

According to her Facebook page, Heather is originally from Phillips, Wisconsin. The couple has two children together.

You can check out Heather Bone on Twitter here.