Karena Virginia Donald Trump’s 10th Sexual Accuser

Karena Virginia

Karena Virginia has become the lucky number tenth, woman to accuse presidential nominee Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.

Following the last presidential debate, Yoga instructor, Karena has stepped forward in admitting she was subject of The Donald’s inappropriate sexual behavior. A number of news outlets have reported, Karena Virginia spoke during a news conference and revealed in tears, Donald touched the inside of her breast without even speaking a word to her.

Back in 1998, Karena was waiting for her ride following the U.S. Open tennis tournament in Queens, New York. That’s when she overheard Trump speaking about her to other men.

She claims Donald said at the time: ‘Hey, look at this one, we haven’t seen her before. Look at those legs.’

Next thing she knows, Donald walked up to her grabbed her arm and inappropriately touched her. Karena said she was in shock and all Donald said was ‘Don’t you know who I am?’

Karena who was accompanied by civil rights attorney Gloria Allred, spoke of her fear to talk about the incident, for years thinking it had been her fault because she was wearing a revealing outfit at the time.

Karena who said Trump showed his true colors in his own words in the now infamous tape, has become at least the number tenth woman to publicly accuse him. A number of females have shared their similar stories of being groped or kissed by Trump. Trump has fervently denied the accusations, in some cases going so far as to joke that the women accusing him aren’t attractive enough for his taste.


Karina Virginia is an undeniably good-looking woman. She is a yoga instructor and life coach from New York. Karina who has her own website, is now a happily married woman and mother of two.
Karena Virginia Donald Trump's 10th Sexual Accuser

Virginia is a “deeply spiritual yoga teacher, motivational speaker, healer, miracles counselor and spiritual coach,” according to her page. She has gotten great reviews, including one from Bruce Springsteen, saying she ‘offers a whole new perspective on life.” 

Karena Virginia Donald Trump's 10th Sexual Accuser

Karena Virginia Donald Trump's 10th Sexual Accuser

The gorgeous woman, has been in the Yoga industry for close to two decades. She is also an author, writes for The Huffington Post and has made appearances on Veria Living and Bravo TV.

She is married to attorney Charles Virginia. Together they are the parents of a son, and a daughter. Her hubby is partner in the New York City-based law firm Virginia & Ambinder.

The mom of two, who also describes herself as an inspirational speaker and certified healer; revealed on a Facebook post, she has spent time with Melania Trump and gave a hint about the incident with Trump.

She is not considering a lawsuit at this time.