Francois Bayga amputee harassed by French Police!

Francois Bayga

Francois Bayga has been identified as the man who was humiliated earlier this week by French police!

The African immigrant who is missing both an arm and a leg was harassed by three officers at Gare de Lyon in Paris, reports say.

The incident has been widely criticized and it was made public thanks to a video caught by a passerby who said to be shocked by the scene.

The footage shows three officers walking away leaving behind Francois Bayga, while a man can be heard yelling, “Officer, officer, we need you. Officer, turn back please. This is humiliation, it is not normal.”

The 12-minute video posted to social media Monday shows police abandoning Bayga in a platform subway station. The man —with one arm and one leg –was allegedly ordered him to remove his limbs and strip down to his underwear, by the officers.

Witnesses catalogued the event as a ‘police search of exceptional brutality’ describing the scene as officers forcing this man to undress only to leaving him struggling to put back his artificial limbs.


According to Francois Bayga himself, he told how three men in uniform approached him, pushed him up against a wall and started lobbing accusations. He told a local news station, “They demanded my papers and I took off my back pack and showed them. I gave them my telephone, my medical card and my membership card at my wheelchair rugby club.”

He was accused by them of stealing his phone, continued with the search while, Bayga explained he had artificial limbs and by the time they departed, Bayga was left sitting on the platform in his underwear, his artificial limbs strewn on the floor around him.

However, Paris police said the video didn’t necessarily indicate any harassment. According to the French international news channel France 24, François Bayga, is an African migrant who has made a formal request for the right to live in France.


On his Facebook page several photos of his Rugby playing can be seen. According to the Independent, Mr Bayga was finally helped to replaced his artificial legs and his trousers by a passer-by and a woman ticket inspector.

Do you think Francois Bayga should make a formal complaint?

You can find Francois Bayga on Facebook here.