Cosima Diamond- Chef Nigella Lawson’s Daughter

cosima diamond and nigella lawson pic

Cosima Diamond is the daughter of Nigella Lawson, aka the Domestic Godess, although that image has been somewhat tarnished these days.

Cosima, who will turn twenty on December 15, lost her father when she was around seven. There have been no quite so nice allegations thrown around by her former step father Charles Saatchi, who claims that her mother has turned her into an addict too.

Now, we don’t know if any of the things being said these days are true. Is Nigella doing drugs? Is she a cocaine addict? Did she get her daughter hooked on cocaine? But it’s hard to believe that a mother would do something like that to her child.

When Nigella’s first husband was ill with throat cancer, her two children were quite young. According to her testimony, during this time she did take cocaine a few times. Has she continued doing so? We don’t really know.

What is puzzling though are the pictures of Cosima seen on the beach SMOKING! Doesn’t she know how her father died? Well, hopefully, this is the worse addiction she has.