Connie Snyder Ballmer- Microsoft Steve Ballmer’s Wife

Connie Snyder Ballmer Microsoft Steve Ballmer wife picture

Tech fans, you all probably know  Steve Ballmer announced he was leaving Microsoft, he has been Microsoft CEO since 2000, he first joined Bill Gates’ empire on June 11, 1980, as business manager he was winning $50,000 and a percentage of the company.

Mr. Ballmer who earned his an A.B. in applied mathematics and economics from Harvard in 1977 has been director of Accenture Ltd. and a general partner of Accenture SCA  for 12 years, announced he would retire from Microsoft with 12 months on August 23, 2013.

I bet you all knew that, but what about his personal life?

57-year-old Steve Ballmer’s pretty wife is Connie Snyder his soulmate since 1990 and the mother of his three handsome sons.

Connie Snyder also known as Connie Ballmer  co-funder of Partners for Our Children, she also sits in their board of directors.

Connie Snyder Ballmer bio

50-year-old Connie E. Ballmer from Oregon City, Oregon  was born on September 01, 1962, she attended Oregon City High School and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Accounting from Western Washington University. Connie a public relations Executive has been involved in charities for a long time,it was hers and Steve’s $10 million donation that started Partnership of our Children , it was created to bring state government, college experts and private money together for the first time to improve the state child-welfare system.

Aaron Ballmer Steve Ballmer sonPeter Ballmer Steve Ballmer sonSam Ballmer Steve Ballmer son

Connie Ballmer and her famous hubby were blessed with three amazing sons, Sam, Peter and Aaron, all three of her boys attended Lakeside School where  Connie is board chair and sits at the board of Trustees since 2004, actually her youngest Aaron (14)still attends there, Peter graduated  this year and is currently enrolled at Stanford University, and Sam graduated in 2010.