Chris Baldridge Gold Star Father in Zebulon

Chris Baldridge

Chris Baldridge is the father of fallen soldier, Army Cpl. Dillon Baldridge –who was tragically killed in Afghanistan over the summer.

As President Trump continues to be under fire over his dealing with the bereaved relatives of soldiers due to alleged ‘insensitive’ comments –a ray of sunshine comes in the form of a check for $25 grand.

It turns out Trump, promised a check for $25 thousand dollars to Chris Baldridge during a condolence call made in July. Following the call, the grieving father heard nothing more about the alleged check, until now.

Chris Baldridge share the exciting news telling media “I’m still speechless,” “We are so moved and grateful, and we promise to use the money to honor Dillon’s legacy.”

His 22-year-old son, was killed last June in Peka Valley in the Nangarhar Province, according to the Department of Defense. Baldridge was shot, officials said. He was one of three soldiers gunned down by an Afghan police officer.

The Taliban took responsibility for the attack that killed Baldridge and claimed one of its terrorists “infiltrated” the army to carry out the ambush, which killed two other soldiers.

Chris Baldridge

Dillon Baldridge was a 2012 graduate of Franklinton High School, according to family members. He went to Afghanistan last October and was due to return in August.

Dillon is survived by his mother and father, stepparents, and four siblings, including a baby sister he’ll never meet, He is buried at a military cemetery in Boone.

Chris Baldridge from Zebulon, North Carolina; works in the construction industry, in social media he is listed as a mechanic at RTT Machine Welding while also working for UK Unlimited, LLC.

Chris Baldridge

He and Dillon’s mother, Tina Palmer divorced at some point and he is currently married to Dillon’s step-mother, Jessie Baldridge –with whom he has three young children.

Chris first talked about his interaction with the President earlier this month and said in addition to the check, Trump said he would “direct his staff to establish an online fundraiser for the family.”

During the call Mr. Baldridge also told the President, Dillon’s mother was listed as his primary beneficiary, meaning she was to be the recipient of the Pentagon’s $100,000 death gratuity. It is believed that’s when Trump offered him the check.

Chris Baldridge and his family reside in North Carolina with his family.