Max Dawson: Media Consultant/ Survivor Cast


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37-year-old Media Consultant Max Dawson seems like the perfect candidate to take part on Survivor: Worlds Apart, why? According to his page  he’s been interviewed on topics ranging from reality TV stardom to Internet video to summer blockbusters by NPR, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, The Associated Press, and various other media outlets.


You ask again why? he serves as the Director of National Television and Video at Frank N. Magid Associates in Los Angeles, advises global TV networks and studios on program development, channel branding, social media, new technologies, and youth viewers.


In a few words he knows exactly what people want to see. He also was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Radio, TV & Film at Northwestern University, where he wrote and taught on the American television industry.


Max who has a Ph.D. says his biggest inspiration is his dad who’s a cancer survivor.



The bearded fella who’s part of the White Collar tribe,  taught a class on reality TV and the series Survivor. Is it really fair fro him to be on the show or is it suicide on his part?

Find him on Twitter here.