Doug Censor Martin Sexiest Weather Girl Yanet Garcia’s Boyfriend

Meet Doug Censor Martin

Doug Censor Martin is the lucky fella dating Yanet Garcia –the sexiest Mexican meteorologist. Doug Censor Martin’s gal came to media spotlight back in June of 2015, when online users went crazy about her curves.

Yanet, who works for Televisa Monterrey newscasts, found fame after she was featured in sexy outfits during her forecasts. Now she has amassed over a million followers.

She recently had to stick up for herself after she was accused of having plastic surgery on her famous derriere.

The 25-year-old usually posts videos of her segment, only this time she received comments from people doubting the authenticity of her backside.

Apparently the video was a bit distorted because of the angle from which it was taken. She responded to the attack by posting a photo from the segment for people to have a clearer look.

Garcia –who is a fitness junkie and hits the gym hard –tweeted “begin working out and lead a healthy lifestyle so you can see the results.” And that’s the end to that! She shushed the critics.

Doug and Garcia have been dating for a while now. He also received much attention after his gal went viral. Although is not exactly like he needs it.

Doug Censor Martin is a Call of Duty Champion. The sports player was born August 21, 1994 in NY –where he currently resides. His real name is Doug Martin.

Doug Censor Martin is a two-time Call of Duty National Champion who is a director for the FaZe Clan. He has played for numerous professional gaming teams, including Quantic, Team EnVy, Strictly Business and Prophecy. He gained notoriety with Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Doug Censor Martin has been playing games since forever, he used to play the Nintendo classics.

He became a sponsored athlete of G Fuel Energy and is a fitness enthusiast. He became a director for the FaZe Clan like Austin Pamajewon.


Accoridng to Fox Sports, Doug Censor Martin, is a former football player, who had dreams of being a D-1 defensive back in college, says he never really took fitness seriously until three years ago, right after his first “Call of Duty” title.

“I went home with $12,500 in my bank account as a 17-year-old, I felt like a millionaire. I went out and got a gym membership and everything I needed and I just hit it.”

Doug might had let down some of his followers when he decided to take a break from gaming. He said back in July 2015

I’m really focused on my YouTube channel, my relationship with my girlfriend in Mexico, my family, my friends, promoting my sponsorships and just working really hard with what I have right now.

He has over a million subscribers on YouTube. He and Yanet seem to be pretty tight, he even made a video to explain how they began dating. You know what they say, couple that works out together, stays together?

You can check him out on Instagram here.