Dominic Cotton- Strictly Come dancing Susanna Reid’s Partner/ Boyfriend

Dominic Cotton pics

Susanna Reid says that her partner Dominic Cotton is her best friend and we suspect he is the best dancer at ball! This guy will be participating in Strickly come dancing lastest season.

Susanna also admits that her dream job would stay just that, if it weren’t for the support of her spouse, Dominic Cotton.

She says:

It has worked out so well and he has been so supportive. He worked at the BBC himself so he understands from the inside what this job is all about.

On days when Susanna`s presence is not necessary on the Breakfast sofa, she and Dom make sure they are open to spend the late afternoon together, and he obviously means the world to her.

He is my best friend.

She says.

We really enjoy each other’s company and he still makes me laugh so much – that is such a key part of why it works.

Susanna and Dominic have been together for a long time but marriage, it seems, is not a main concern.

People get confused – they think maybe I’m not attached because I don’t wear a ring

Says Susanna.

But it’s quite common now for couples not to be married, and it works for us.

I was a commitment-phobe until I met Dominic

She adds.

But he’s taught me a lot. He’s very supportive and accepts why I don’t want to get married. I had a choppy childhood after my parents divorced, and I want us to do it our way. The commitment and wanting a family unit for the children is our priority.

Dominic Bio

He was born 1967 in Tarporley Chesire.  He is journalist and communications director for charity Uk Youth. When young, Cotton trained and worked as an actor.

After two years he undertook a post-graduate diploma at the Centre for Journalism Studies at Cardiff University and started his broadcast career as a regional news reporter for the BBC in 1995.

His Facebook here.