Ben Ofoedu- Strictly Come Dancing Vanessa Feltz’s Boyfriend

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Vanessa Feltz and her man, Ben Ofoedu have taken part in a number of tv shows as a couple and soon you will also see him in a special prime show at Strictly Come dancing.

In April 2007 the pair participated in an episode of Channel 4’s Celebrity Wife Swap, in which she moved in with magician Paul Daniels for one week. On 22 September 2007 Feltz and Ofoedu won £150,000 for a cancer charity.

In 2006 Feltz met Anglo-Nigerian singer Ben. They became engaged in December 2006 and originally planned to marry the following year. Ofoedu and her never got married.

He said:

We are hoping to get married at the end of the year and are also planning to adopt a baby.

The couple have a 10-year age gap, live in north London with Vanessa’s two girls Allegra, 24, and Saskia, 21, from her previous marriage.

One of Vanessa’s biggest regrets was that she didn’t have any more children

Says Ben.

And I would love to be a dad so we are putting the plans in motion to adopt after our wedding.
Whether it will be from the UK or abroad we don’t yet know. I’m Nigerian so I would like to adopt from Africa but I don’t think we’ll be turning into a British Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just yet.

Ben continues:

I’m learning a lot from Vanessa. She told me to work hard and be myself and it will come across well.
Our show is about reality and being real so we didn’t want it to be fake. Yes, we might banter or disagree but that’s real life.
We’re confident we have a great format, but we are still polishing it up.
There were racist remarks from a particular critic which upset us and we feel it was a cheap shot. We are the first mixed-race couple to host a show, which we are proud about.
We have planned to up our game, though, and show them we won’t be beaten. We have more of our showbiz friends on the show and are even getting a studio dog.

Ben Bio

He was born 29 June 1972, in Hong Kong, is from Nigeria and UK, he is most famous for being the former lead singer of the band Phats and Small.

He also joined another music collaboration, The Intenso Project, and then over the next three years he teamed up with three more bands for one-off singles and concerts.

Ofoedu moved to the UK with his family when he was two years old. He has a sister called Joy.

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