Diane Kutcher: Ashton Kutcher’s Mother


Meet 63-year-old Diane Kutcher, the mother of actor Ashton Kutcher. As we all know May is the month we celebrate mother’s day and celebrities go above and beyond to pay tribute to their mothers.

Ashton is not the exception as media outlets reports he full field his dream of remodeling his mother’s entire home for mother’s day!



According to online records, Diane used to work at the The Procter & Gamble Company.  She was born Diane Finnegan and married Larry Kutcher, a factory worker who worked at a General Mills factory.

She gave birth to three children including Ashton and his siblings, older sister Tausha, and a fraternal twin, Michael, who had a heart transplant when the brothers were young.

When Ashton was still very young, Diane and Larry divorced. By the time he was in his early teens, Diane re-married Mark (pictured below, next to Ashton).


These days she is still happily married to her second husband; the couple lives in Homestead, Iowa. Talking about the home Ashton and Mark built when he was 13, he told media outlets, the home space had outgrown everybody and wanted to make it work for the generations to come.



Diane was stunned when she came back to her new home, Ashton planned the whole thing; while the remodeling took place in 27 days, Diane was paying a visit to help with Ashton’s 7-month-old daughter.

The remodeling was filmed and includes Diane’s priceless reaction!

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