DeMario Jackson girlfriend Lexie


Meet Lexie, so far that we only know her first name; that is not that important, though; but what is very important is that she is the girlfriend of Bachelorette contestant DeMario Jackson, who never mention he had a girlfriend when he auditioned for season 13 of the show.

Lexie said Demario her boyfriend for the past seven months, disappeared for a while and when he saw him again was when he was with Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette. Yikes!

Sadly, not much is out there about DeMario’s girlfriend Lexie. She is Demario’s girlfriend from his hometown; who received an invitation from the show’s producers to talk to Rachel about her and Demario y during the group basketball date.

I saw that the first couple of guys were brought on to meet you and I saw one guy…Up until hours before that, he had been my boyfriend for seven months.

He has lied to all of us and he’s really deceived everybody here but he literally still has the keys to my apartment.

Rachel then asked DeMario to come with her, before she takes him right where Lexie is sitting. When he sees Lexie, he pretends he doesn’t know her.