Kathleen Glynn – Michael Moore’s Wife


Kathleen Rene Glynn was born in Flint, Michigan April 10, 1958. From a young age she took an interest in reading, designing and writing, specially computer programs by the time she was in her sophomore year in 1974. By 1982 Ms. Glynn began an award-winning graphic design business in Flint. Her primary clients were the city’s non-profit organizations. She also designed and contributed to “The Flint Voice,” one of the nation’s premiere alternative newspapers. In 1987 she was among the first designers to use a desktop publishing system and consequently taught Macintosh classes for beginners to advanced designers.

Glynn’s brilliant mind and work ethic slowly build her name, she played a keen role in the production of the highly acclaimed film, “Roger & Me,” the largest grossing documentary of all time. A couple of years later her multitalented self gave her the chance to change her career as a costume designer for film and television. Her work was featured in the “Washington Post” and she designed costumes for the films “Malcolm X,” “My New Gun,” and “Canadian Bacon.”

She kept between the lines of design and production and in 1993 she won her first Emmy for “TV Nation.” She and Moore married back in 1991 and both became a winning duo. Ms. Glynn was the producer of “The Big One,” a documentary feature released this spring, which follows the extensive book tour Michael Moore made across the country, upon the release of “Downsize This! Random Thoughts from an Unarmed American.” “The Big One” was an official selection of the 1998 Sundance Film Festival.

Before meeting Michael she was already a mother and after their marriage Michael Moore adopted Kathleen’s daughter Natalie, as his own.



The couple has had much success, Kathleen has an extraordinary resume and Oscar winner, Moore’s net worth is estimated to be about $50 million. The reasons for their split are still unknown but its been said its very unlikely for them to reconcile.

Wondering who will get what; between properties and production rights this ought to be interesting.

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