Tobe Hooper’s Girlfriend Rebecca Hodges

Rebecca Hodges

According to TMZ,  Rebecca Hodges the much younger girlfriend of Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper, attacked him twice in two months, leaving him with face injuries.

Rebecca Hodges

Photo Credit: TMZ.

Tobe Hooper, 74, known for films like Poltergeist and Texas Chain Saw Massacre among others, has been married twice. He first married Carin Berger in 1983, they divorced in 1990. Tobe then dated Marcia Zwilling, mother of his two sons William and Tony Hooper.

Subsequently married Rita Barlett Hooper in 2008; the marriage didn’t work out and eventually divorced two years later.

Rebecca Blythe Hodges, 36, was according to media living with Hooper in his house in Beverly Hills. According to Hooper, Rebecca first attacked in April and then again in May. A judge has ordered Rebecca to stay at least 100 yards from Tobe.

According to Eileen Smith Dallabrida, Ms. Hodges’s mother, her daughter, and Hooper were engaged. Rebecca’s fiancee, the date was