Phillip Barnes Sharon Stone’s stalker

Phillip Barnes

Phillip Barnes is the man who has Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, terrified! Barnes was arrested back in 2011 after he was discovered outside her home.

The stalker has been writing to the 58-year-old from his the prison psych ward he is in and according to TMZ, he told her in the most recent missive he could be released soon!

Stone who surely knows a thing or two about obsessive behavior following several of her roles, specially after playing the unforgettable role of a bisexual murder suspect in the blockbuster film Basic Instinct –has already taken steps to protect herself and her family.

According to the gossip site, Stone has asked a judge a new restraining order against Phillip Barnes.

She included in court documents, one of his bizarre letters which read, “I have 11 wifes picked out and would cause about 18 kids … you would sit at the other head of the dineing [sic] table.”

A psychotic Phillip Barnes said in another letter to bring him “2 Crown Royal bags full of diamonds … my 2 CIA badges, 20 billion dollars worth of Department of Treasury checks … and my gun silencer.”

According to the actress, who looks extremely good at her age, Phillip Barnes is currently under evaluation and might be freed in four months.


Barnes obsession with the actress is pretty clear. Back in 2011 he claimed that he was the father of one on her adopted sons. Five years later, he doesn’t seem to have forgotten about her.

Philip Barnes hasn’t been the only stalker in the life of Stone. Also in 2011, she got a restraining order against Bradly Gooden –who was caught trespassing on her property. At the time she was said to be selling the property, which she bought in £7million back in 2006.

Stone has said in the past the incidents have made her fear for her safety and those around her.

Sharon Stone married producer Michael Greenburg in 1984. The couple divorced three years later. In 1998 she married again, this time to San Francisco Chronicle Executive Editor Phil Bronstein. The couple adopted a son, Roan Joseph, before their divorce in 2004. Since then, Stone adopted two more sons: Laird Vonne (2005) and Quinn Kelly (2006).