Marco Grass- Carol Thatcher’s Boyfriend



Marco Grass might be getting more attention that usual since he’s been seen at Carol’s side for the past week.


The pair live together in Klosters, in the Swiss Alps, where Mr Grass works as a guide since he is a ski instructor. Miss Thatcher and Mr Grass, who is 14 years apart, have shared an apartment in Klosters since the early 1990s, and currently live in an flat in a large chalet block, called Winter Hus, near the resort’s center, where the label on their post box describes her as “C Thatch”. Next to the doorbell, a label describes her as “C. Thatcher”.


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Marco who is her junior and the Baroness have been together on and off for over 20 years but after she recived the herat breaking news her mother had passed a neighbor said:

“They look like a couple to me. They go out together pretty often. I see them both regularly. She does a lot of cross-country skiing and they have been here over the past couple of weeks.”  he had last seen Miss Thatcher in Klosters on Sunday, and had seen Mr Grass on Monday evening.

Mr Grass is a prominent figure in the resort and is known as one of its most sought-after guides, working for private clients.

In 2011, the 45 year old missed much of the ski season after breaking both his legs in a fall when he had to avoid skiing into a child who had fallen into his path.


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Today the world says the final goodbye to Lady Thatcher. During an intimate half-hour cremation service at Mortlake Crematorium in south-west London, the twins let go of the grief they had kept bottled up during the public part of the day’s ceremonies.

Around 20 members of Lady Thatcher’s family were at the service, together with Julian Seymour, the former director of her private office, her long-time personal assistant Cynthia “Crawfie” Crawford, her former police bodyguard Barry Strevens, her private secretary Mark Worthington and Marco Grass. So for those who had any doubts he is definitely in Carol’s life showing his support in this difficult time.

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Ms Thatcher flew in from Switzerland with her boyfriend ski instructor Marco Grass on Friday night after spending some days grieving privately.

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He was also seen on April 13th walking with Sir Mark, Carol’s twin brother. Marco sure has been well received by the family and most importantly has been there for his long time partner as she faces the grueling reality of having lost her mother.

“She had a remarkable combination of factors. She was very smart, she believed in herself, she believed she was on a mission, she had a lot of ambition, she was born with brains but she also born with the physical and mental energy to achieve those ambitions.”

Even though Mr Grass is there she admitted that the days ahead and the funeral on Wednesday would be difficult “even for the daughter of the Iron Lady”.


Grass’ partner could not keep the tears today as she said the final goodbye to her mother, the person she learn everything from.

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Certainly an emotional moment.