Lizzie Crocker 7 Facts About Daily Beast Writer Fired For Plagiarism

Lizzie Crocker

Lizzie Crocker is a reporter who until recently worked at The Daily Beast but now finds herself out of work.

Crocker who had been working as a reporter for several years was forced to resign after it was revealed some of her work had been copied from other people’s articles. According to reports she was accused of plagiarism and she offered to resign.

Lizzie Crocker is described as a senior writer whose writing was until now, respected. She lists herself on LinkedIn and on social media platforms as a reporter at The Daily Beast. She began her career working for Conde Nast back in 2008. At the time she was a Lucky Magazine Promotions Intern, after three months she was also an Editorial Intern for Allure Magazine.

Through late 2008 and beginning of 2009 she also interned at Hartford Magazine and Interview Magazine. In September 2009, she was hired at Van Cleef & Arpels to serve as a Public Relations Assistant. In 2010 she moved on to Nylon Magazine, where she became the Assistant to the Executive Editor. Her next job was at Newsweek/The Daily Beast.

Lizzie Crocker

#1 She is from MA

According to her Facebook page, Lizzie Crocker is originally from Dedham, Massachusetts. She is currently living in New York.

#2 She holds a B.A

Crocker studied at Middlesex School from 2000-2004 and holds a Bachelor of Arts, English Literature from Trinity College –where she was a student from 2004-2009.

#3 She keeps active on social media

Check her out on Twitter here.

#4 She left her job after six years

She originally joined Newsweek and The Daily Beast in 2011, originally as an Editorial Assistant. Seven months later she was named a reporter. She resigned after six-years.

#5 She is single

Lizzie is apparently not dating anybody for the time being and lists herself as single on Facebook.

#6 She did it more than once.

What’s worse, the NY Post and other outlets say Lizzie copied work from other in at least two different occasions. An investigation of her work was made.

#7 Her articles have been removed

At least two of Lizzie’s articles were deleted, John Avlon, the Daily Beast’s editor-in-chief said in a statement. One of her articles included paragraphs she lifted from Weekly Standard’s Alice B. Lloyd’s work.