Jacqueline Trumbull WV Research Coordinator/ The Bachelor 22 Cast

Jacqueline Trumbull

Jacqueline Trumbull is one of the stunning women featured in the current season of ABC’s The Bachelor. The dark haired beauty is quite the catch, meet her below.

The stunning gal is a Clinical Research Coordinator at Mount Sinai in New York, according to her LinkedIn. She earned a B.A. in philosophy from the University of Virginia. 26-year-old Jacqueline Trumbull is originally from West Virginia, she and her older brother were raised in Morgantown.

Trumbull is well traveled, she not only lived in Slovakia for one year but has also been to Poland, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Peru, Spain among others.

Prior to Mount Sinai, she worked at College of Charleston, The Citadel and most recently at Mirrorball in New York. She did several internships first at the Warsaw Uprising Museum, Medialets, the Wonder Factory and WillowTree Apps.

Jacqueline Trumbull

Miss Trumbull has become one of Arie’s top girls following their romantic one on one while shooting in Paris. Arie seemed so impress with her that he overlooked the fact that Jacqueline expressed her career plans. She told Luyendyk she is hoping to get her Ph.D. in chemical psychology –and which will take six years.

Instead of her career plans being a deal breaker, the bachelor explained he is not ready to let her go.

Arie might be onto something after all, Jacqueline’s response to the ABC question ‘What does being married mean to you? Is pretty awesome, she replied ‘Creating our own world. Creating our own values and goals. Becoming better people together. Respect, admiration, protection.’

Family is really important to Jacqueline, she posted to Instagram a cute photo of her meeting her niece –clearly her maternal instincts already kicking in. She also has a cool relationship with her dad with whom she enjoys smoking cigars and drinking bourbon.

Do you think Jacqueline Trumbull and Arie make a good match?

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