Jack Marrian – Brit Aristocrat charged with smuggling

Jack Marrian

Jack Marrian is the British aristocrat who is currently facing smuggling charges after he was accused of smuggling £4.5 million of cocaine into Kenya. He was born into the Clan Campbell of Cawdor, a line of Scottish nobility.

Marrian was charged with trafficking the cocaine in sugar containers last July.

The haul was found by Kenyan police and US Drug Enforcement Agency officials at Mombasa port, in cargo from Brazil en route to Uganda.

Police arrested Mr Marrian and his co-accused, Roy Francis Mwanthi, a clearing agent based in Kenya.

Marrian is a 31-year-old sugar importer who has been living in Kenya since the age four. He is the eldest son of Lady Emma Campbell, whose ancestral home is Cawdor Castle.

His father is artist, David Marrian. Jack enjoyed a privileged upbringing in an affluent part of Nairobi.


Jack’s arrest is the latest disaster in the family’s history.

His mother Lady Emma suffered her own tragedy in 1998. At the time her lover, 32-year-old Giles Thornton, was gunned down by robbers near Mombasa. She is said to have cradled him as he died.


Born Jack Alexander Wolf Marrian in Britain, he was raised in an affluent part of Nairobi and educated at a prestigious international prep school. He later went on to study at the elite Marlborough College and later the University of Bristol –where he gained an economics degree.

For the last eight years he was worked in Africa running a string of sugar and commodity companies.

Jack’s grandfather was the late artist Hugh John Vaughan Campbell –the 6th Earl Cawdor and custodian of Cawdor Castle.

Forever associated with Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the castle near Nairn is one of Scotland’s leading tourist attractions.

Instead of leaving the castle to his elder son Colin, who had long expected it, he left it to his second wife, Czech-born Angelika. Sparking a family feud which became known as the Curse of Cawdor. She still lives there today.