Heather Locklear’s Boyfriend Chris Heisser Bio, Photos & More

Chris Heisser

This guy right here is Chris Heisser; he is the current boyfriend of actress Heather Locklear,  the twice divorced, mother of Ava reconnected with her high school sweetheart, but sadly their relationship doesn’t look like if is going to a good place, as both Heather and Chris continued to fight with their demons.

No doubt you all know about Locklear’s troubled life, therefore allow me to tell you about Chris’.

56-year-old Chris Howard Heisser, one of the children born to Peter and Marsha Heisser, 80 and 75, respectively. He is also a father of four; Cameron, 30, Alexandra, 24, Jordyn, 27, and Reiley, 23, from his marriage to Sharie Margaret Lloyd, 53.

Chris Heisser

Thru Cameron and Jordyn, Chris is the grandfather of three grandchildren.

Heisser first met and dated Heather Locklear while they both attended Newbury Park High School, they rekindled their relationship in 2017. according to sources close to Heisser, his children weren’t happy and even less when he allegedly proposed last October, however, Heather never confirmed their engagement.

Back in the day, Chris Heisser was a motocross racer, known as  Tin Can. Heisser a two-tim10 AMA 125cc National finisher;  Chris’s son Cameron was also a motocross racer.

Chris Heisser

Mr. Heisser worked as a contractor at Hamercop Homes Inc. until 2013 when he was convicted of fraud, sentenced to 2 years in prison and stripped of his License. Mr. Heisser was arrested on a driving under the influence charge on February 26, 2018, in Thousand Oaks, California. He is expected to appear in court on April 26, 2018.