Gwen Hiller Arthur Hiller’s Wife

Gwen Hiller

Gwen Hiller was the long time wife of Canadian-born director, Arthur Hiller. According to reports, Hiller widely known for his directing on “Love Story” died today at age 92. Gwen who died in June, was married to Hiller for 68-years.

Gwen’s long time husband was born in Edmonton, Alberta, he served in the Royal Canadian Air Force from 1942-45, graduated from University College, U. of Toronto, in 1947 and received a Master of Arts degree in psychology in 1950.

He began his career working on TV in his native Canada. Hiller worked at the CBC in Toronto in the early ’50s but eventually left for American television.

He spent over a decade mostly working in television before a career in feature helming that included “Love Story,” “The Americanization of Emily” and comedy “Silver Streak.”

Hiller served as president of the Directors Guild of America from 1989-93 and of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences from 1993-97. He received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2002 Academy Awards ceremony.

Hiller directed a number of high-profile films in the ’60s, including “The Wheeler Dealers,” with James Garner and Lee Remick and, in 1964, well-received big-budget “The Americanization of Emily,” with Garner and Julie Andrews.

His work goes from romantic-triangle dramas, to comedies and then switching genres again to historical sports pic, “The Babe,” with John Goodman, in 1992, then returned to comedy with “Carpool,” in 1996. Hiller’s last film was the “National Lampoon’s Pucked.”


Gwen Hiller was born Gwen Pechet.

She and her husband tied the knot in 1948 and became the parents of two children. The couple is survived by their daughter, Erica Hiller Carpenter, son, Henryk, and grandchildren Sienna and Kellen, son-in-law Kevin, daughter-in-law Melora and step-grandchildren Christopher, Patrick and Claire.

The wife, mother and grandmother died on June 24, 2016. Accoridng to her obituary she died at the family’s Beverly Hills home.

She and her husband make for one of the most romantic stories. Gwen’s and Arthur’s love story could’ve been taken to the big screen.

Just like Arthur, she was born in Edmonton, Alberta, on November 12, 1923. Gwen was the youngest of ten children. Her childhood was spent in Edmonton, Alberta, where she was a schoolmate of Arthur Hiller. Story goes that he proposed to her when they were just 8-years-old.

Gwen graduated from Brandon College in Manitoba, Canada, then worked as a social worker and librarian.

Women like Gwen are no longer around. Her passion became her family and was totally immersed to them. For almost seven-decades she was the core of support for her husband’s career as a film director.

While Arthur Hiller successfully navigated the Hollywood scene, Gwen Hiller served as a volunteer at Cedars-Sinai Medical center and with community organizations.