Erica Tomlinson-Fisher- Clint Eastwood’s New Girlfriend [PHOTOS]

Erica Tomlinson Fisher Clint Eastwood

Clint and Dina Eastwood decided to go their separate ways a little more than a year ago. Dina found her old flame Scott Fisher, from school days and they began dating. What’s really surprising about all of this is that Erica, Scott’s former wife and Clint are finding consolation in each other’s arms.

The Australian born blonde, who has two adult children (Mason and Blake Holland) from a previous relationship, was seen being dropped off by Clint at the L.A. International Airport after spending the night at his  home. Erica Louise Tomlinson and Scott Charles Fisher were  married  on  June 7, 2002. They subsequently separated on June 7, 2011. Happy Anniversary! The divorce was finalized in August of 2012.  The couple had no children together. Scott was coaching basketball in Hawaii for two years and Erica was unemployed.

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Erica Tomlinson Fisher Scott Fisher ex wife

During his years as a pro basketball player Erica’s ex- hubby Scott played in her natal Australia from 1987- 1992 with the North Melbourne Giants and with the Perth Wildcats from  1993 until 2003, he remained with the Perth Wildcats until 2008 but as their coach.

It seems that Erica,42, called Clint Eastwood, 83, to comment on the fact that their spouses were dating and that’s when things began to heat up.  Dina at first seemed sad about this turn of events but later came out in support of her soon to be ex, telling the world what a great guy he is.