Luis Alonzo Alfaro- Student Accused of Stabbing Spree at Texas High School


First period at Spring High School begins at 7:15 and yesterday as we heard; just as students scatter to their classes a horrific and fatal knife attack in a hallway outside the cafeteria meant thousands of students, faculty and staff members started their school day on lockdown in classrooms and offices.

The second-week-of-school turned into a nightmare for the north Harris County community as students contacted loved ones and tell them what had happened. Around 10 a.m., emergency voice and text messages from Spring Independent School District officials hit parents’ cellphones explaining that a bloody fight had turned deadly.

The whirlwind took the life of of 17-year-old Joshua Broussard; his killer? Luis Alfaro.

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Late Wednesday, authorities charged Luis Alonzo Alfaro with murder, according to sheriff’s statement, during the fight, Alfaro pulled a knife during a cafeteria brawl and took it to the next level by stabbing a 17-year-old student to death. The fight that between several student was said at first it could have been gang related but today some news sources are saying that it was a fight between Latino and African American students.

Another stabbing victims was 16-year-old Deavean Bazile, who was airlifted and taken to Memorial Hermann-The Texas Medical Center plus two other injured teens were rushed to a hospital by ambulances with minor injuries.

Alfaro admitted the stabbing under questioning by sheriff’s homicide detectives, he is old enough to be considered an adult under Texas law. Alfaro was booked into the Harris County Jail with bail set at $50,000. A preliminary court hearing is scheduled for Friday. Online court records list no attorney for him. Court documents indicated that Alfaro is a native of Texas and lives just a few blocks away from Spring High School in quiet suburban street called Lexington Drive.

If he was “man” enough to pull this off then he better get ready to man up and face some time in jail, there is not much more info about him but we’ll here more have no doubt.

Classes at Spring High have been canceled for the rest of the week and a vigil was held last night in memory of the victim and shock of the community for this crimes.

There is a twitter account with his name that hasn’t been used for months, you can check it out here.