Best April Fools Day Pranks

April Fools Pranks

The day has come, it is April fools ya’ll and though we totally get that pranks and jokes may not be as funny as in previous years due to the quarantine, truth is we could all use a laugh or a prank.

Moods may be a bit low since the novel coronavirus has erased the smiles of hundreds around the world, and it may take a while for everyone to see the light at the end of the tunnel; however, creativity is something humans just can’t stop even when locked up at home.
Here is our list of the top ten pranks for April Fool’s Day.

#1 Elastic band prank

What you need to do is wrap one of your loved one’s most valued objects, such as their phone or tv remote, in multiple layers of elastic bands. Watch as they try to undo them all.

#2 Tape over the TV sensor

Tape over the TV remote sensor and watch as those you live with get more and more confused as they try to figure out why they can’t change the channel.

#3 Text prank

There’s a lot of different things you could text as a prank but you could prank a friend or family member by sending them a GIF of the dots which indicate that you’re typing. Most likely they will be waiting for a message for who knows how long.

#4 Googly eyes

If you’ve got any googly eyes handy, glue a pair to items in the fridge so that when your family member goes to open the door, all of the condiments/products appear to stare back.

#5 Bubble wrap trap

If you have any spare bubble wrap lying around, place it under a rug or a bathmat to surprise a family member or flatmate when they step on it.

#6 Insect lamps

April Fools Pranks

Using your scissors cut out paper shape insects and put them inside the lamps.

#7 Caramel onions

April Fools Pranks









Instead of the popular caramel apples, you could use the same recipe to cook onions and offer them as a treat for your family.

#8 Make Mentos Ice Bombs

April Fools Pranks

For those who love soda, there’s nothing better than mentos ice bombs.

#9 Replace your mom’s air fresher for something funkier

April Fools Pranks

Is time to change your mom’s favorite scent for something funkier, how about shrimp scent.

#10 Hide random photos around the house

April Fools Pranks

Take different size photos and hide them all over the house and see how long it takes the people you’re living with to notice.

Have a favorite yet?