Tony Harris: Healer/ The Bachelorette Cast

Meet 35-year-old Tony Harris, currently a contestant on ABC’s The Bachelorette. This seasons sure has many surprises in store, we have to remember this is the first season featuring not one but two stunning bachelorettes during episode 1! So that can only mean is double the drama!

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri; Tony is a personal trainer/physical therapist. He is a graduate from SIU-Carbondale where he got a license as a paramedic.


You might wonder why “healer;’ the answer is because he works at the Healing Arts Center.  According to Reality Steve he is also involved with Performance and Pain Relief in St. Louis. As we can imagine, Tony is very into Zen, mediation, healing, yin and yang type stuff.

But what is exactly what Tony does? Is not easy to try to describe it but according to Bustle, he is more of a physical therapist who’s super into new-agey stuff.



The blue-eyed also teaches massage classes at Missouri’s Healing Arts Center, so Tony sounds like he might be an interesting fella for our ladies, who doesn’t appreciate a massage here and there!

According to his ABC bio, the smiley healer has three tattoos, he consideres himslef as a romantic fella, admires his mother and would like to be Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Harris looks like a true character, he was very open about being on the show and even documented his trip to L.A.

You can find him on Instagram here.

Any bets on Harris?