Payson Lewis: PLL/ DWTS Contestant Janel Parrish’s Boyfriend



Janel Parrish Boyfriend Payson Lewis photos

Jayson Lewis will be a regular on  this 19  season of Dancing with the Stars, he is not competing thought, but he will be cheering for his lovely girlfriend Janel Parrish, The stunning Pretty Little Liars actress who will be dancing with the sexy Val Chmerkovskiy.

Janel Parrish dwts  Val Chmerkovskiy picture

Janel Parrish dwts  Val ChmerkovskiyJanel Parrish dwts  Val Chmerkovskiy picsJanel Parrish dwts  Val Chmerkovskiy pic

Sexy Hawaiian songwriter and  actress Janel Parrish, 25, becam famous for her role as Mona Vanderwaal on Pretty Little Liars before she played Jade in the 2007 film Bratz.

Both roles brought not just fame to  pretty Janel, but aesome friends as she is close friends with Skyler Shaye her Bratz co-star as well as with and with her Pretty Little Liars co-star, Brant Daugherty.

Brant probably will be another handsome face we will be seeing among the audience on DWTS, he was a contestant at Dancing with the Stars in season 17, along Brant will also be Janel’s family, her beloved mother Joanne and her dad Mark Parrish, these proud parents are responsible for Janel’s exotic and incredible good looks, Did you know that her mom I of Chinese descent while her dad is of European descent?

While Mr and Mrs. Parrish will be for sure two interesting people cheering for Janel, I am sure her boyfriend Payson Lewis will also steal the spotlight, just a little.

Payson Lewis bio

Like her famous girlfriend, Dan Payson Lewis, can sing and act and does it pretty darn great!!

Janel Parrish Boyfriend Payson Lewis picturesPayson Lewis Janel Parrish boyfriend-pics

Although Payson is mostly known for his roles on a Circle of Jerks , A Fish Tale and Dead Love, his resume also includes How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Loves Bites, Victorious, Dr. Phil, and this year Payson will be acting and  production assistant in the t.v series Complete Works.

Payson Lewis Janel Parrish boyfriend picturesPayson Lewis Janel Parrish boyfriend-photos

Payson is keeping himself busy by working on Disney’s Red Car New Boys and along Janel in BAZ, the Baz Luhrmann’s inspired film, which you can see on  September 12th.  by buying your tickets at

Janek Parrish Boyfriend Payson Lewis pics

Janel Parrish Boyfriend Payson Lewis pictureJanel Parrish Boyfriend Payson Lewis pic

Payson and Janel also worked together on EDGES, along with Molly McCook and Tyler Scheef.

Janel Parrish Boyfriend Payson Lewis photo

Payson Lewis Janel Parrish boyfriend image

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