Cheating Scandal!! Francois Hollande and Julie Gayet Affair Photos in Closer Magazine!!

Juliet Gayet Francois Hollande closer magazine-pic

French actress Julie Gayet was the woman who allegedly became romantically involved with the French president Francois Hollande, the news send his longtime girlfriend Valerie Trierweiler straight to the hospital, Yikes I bet Mrs. Gayet’s husband Santiago Amigorena must be pretty upset.


Juliet Gayet Francois Hollande closer magazine photo

Closer Magazine, the same Magazine who published topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge were the one who published photos of a bodyguard and a helmeted man, allegedly Hollande, visiting the actress Julie Gayet

“Julie and Francois met during his election campaign, but sadly they can’t see much of each other as Valerie Trierweiler is very jealous.” the magazine stated.

Both Hollande and Gayet denied they are having an affair.

“The actress Julie Gayet has instructed my chambers to take legal action over the rumor, widely disseminated on the Internet, suggesting, with no foundation, that she has a romantic relationship with the president of the republic.

‘She expects her right to a private family life to be respected as there is nothing to justify these claims.”

Julie Goyet husband Mauricio Amigorena pics

41-year-old Julie Gayet was born on June 3rd, 1972 in Suresnes, Hauts De Seine to Brice Gayet professor and and antiques dealer mother.

Julie Gayet studied History оf Art аnd Psychology аt University, Circus skills аt thе Circus school оf thе Fratellini family аnd operatic singing undеr Tosca Marmor. At thе age оf 17 ѕhе studied аt thе Actors Studio in London with Jack Waltzer, аnd thеn continued аt thе Tania Balachova school in Paris.

Her role as Natalie in the 1996 French film select Hotel awarded her with the Prix Romy Schneider award in1997 and won Bеѕt European award. in 2008 she played Elsa in 8 Fois debout which awarded her  with the Bеѕt Actress award at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Julie Goyet husband Mauricio Amigorena pic

Julie Goyet husband Mauricio Amigorena picture

As we previously mentioned Julie Gayet is married, well they are not longer together, anyways Gayet’s hubby Santiago Amigorena, the Argentine  actor, film producer, director and screenwriter with whom she got married in 2003, they have two children together.

mauricio amigorena juliette binoche

It is uncertain when or why did Julie Gayet and Mauricio Amigorena separated but by 2005 he was dating actress Juliette Binoche, they however are not dating anymore, it was rumored they split up in 2009.