Nateesha Barlin From Model to Drug Dealer

Nateesha Barlin

Nateesha Barlin is a 23-year-old South Wales woman who went from modeling to possibly being sentenced to time in prison for selling drugs.

Barlin isn’t your average drug dealer, she was the real deal. Along with her boyfriend the gorgeous blonde had a bit of an illegal drug empire going on.

Believe it or not, she was once the ugly duckling and was even bullied growing up. That all change when she began going to the gym regularly. That’s also where she met boyfriend and fellow drug dealer, Dyllan Shaw.

Their steroid empire was discovered after police intercepted a huge haul of steroids and human growth hormone sent to them between May and October 2016. The couple faced Gosford Court yesterday for a sentencing hearing over a steroid racket that could land one of them in jail.

Australian Border Force officers got their hands on more than 11 litres of liquid testosterone, 175 vials of human growth hormone, five vials of anabolic steroids and much more over a two year investigation period.

Nateesha Barlin

Barlin and Shaw allegedly ordered in the drugs from China and the Philippines and had it shipped to their granny flat or their parents’ homes.

Nateesha Barlin who is active on social media, can be seen living a glamorous lifestyle thanks to her steroid importing business. She and her man denied any wrong doing but have since pleaded guilty –in Barlin’s case –to one count of importing testosterone and the supply of anabolic steroids.

As for her man, he pleaded guilty to three charges including importing human growth hormone, anabolic steroids and the supply of steroids –and could be facing up to five years in jail.

Before she was revealed as a steroids lord, Natasha Berlin posed as a model and gym junkie who at the eyes of the world was just that, a gorgeous woman who showed off her ripped body on Instagram photos.