Kirpa Sudick Dental Hygienist on the Bachelor 23

Kirpa Sudick

Kirpa Sudick is one of the lovely women who signed up to find love on reality TV at the current season of The Bachelor, starring former NFL player, Colton Underwood.

Kirpa is one of the women still standing, the blonde is a lovely 26-year-old hailing from Whittier, CA.

She comes from a diverse, blended family; she says they come from different backgrounds; and they love one another but have to put up with each other at times as well.

Kirpa is a registered dental hygienist, according to her LinkedIn, she graduated from the University of California at Irvine in 2013 with a BA in Sociology. She obtained her Associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene from Concorde Career College-Garden Grove.

Kirpa Sudick

She worked for her father John Sudick’s dentistry business before being hired as a dental hygienist for Southern California Family Dentistry in Fall 2016.

The gal is the outdoorsy type, she loves hiking and also reading, cooking and swimming. According to her ABC bio, she was taken to Disneyland for a date. When it comes to turn offs, Kirpa says it’s a deal breaker when a guy doesn’t floss because she obviously can tell.

The Bachelorette –who is active on social media –also appears to have experience in modeling. From her social platforms we can tell she enjoys posing for the camera and she’s pretty natural at it.

As an interesting fact, Kirpa is the girl who had to get stiches while filming the show in Thailand. She attempted to take a selfie by the ocean and slipped on a wet rock, breaking the fall with her face. Unfortunately she also sprained her wrist during the risky photo-op undertaking. She had a good attitude about it though, and that says a lot about her.

Will she be the one? Find Kirpa Sudick on Instagram here.