Josh Kelley Top Facts About Katherine Heigl’s Husband

Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley is the singer husband of TV and film actress, Katherine Heigl –perhaps best known for her work on the hit TV series, Grey’s Anatomy.

Josh’s wife is taking some heat after sharing a selfie of her and a gravestone on social media. She was attacked by angry users saying she was disrespectful. The blonde who began her career as a fashion model won an Emmy Award for her work on Grey’s Anatomy in 2007.

In addition to her TV work, Heigl is also known for starring in several blockbuster films, including ‘Knocked Up.’

Heigl who has since apologized for the graveyard photoshoot, can surely count with the support of hubby, Josh Kelley. Check him out on his top facts below.

Josh Kelley

#1 He is singer-songwriter

While studying art at the University of Mississippi, Josh recorded his indie solo debut Changing Faces, building an impressive amount of online buzz. His D.I.Y. ingenuity helped him to win a deal with Hollywood Records, which released his 2003 mainstream debut For the Ride Home, which spawned a Top Five single in the anthemic “Amazing.”

Kelley’s sophomore effort, Almost Honest, including the Top Ten single “Only You,” followed in 2005. He made his country music debut in 2011 with the album, Georgia Clay.

#2 His music has been featured on TV shows

His songs have been featured in episodes of such shows as Smallville, Scrubs, Brothers and Sisters and MTV’s The Hills.

#3 He met Katherine Heigl after he appeared on his music video

The two met on the set of his music video, ‘Only You’ back in 2005. The two were married two years later in 2007 after getting engaged in 2006. The two tied the knot at the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah.

#4 He wrote a son for his wife

Kelley penned the song, ‘Hey Katie’ for his wife.

#5 They have three children together

Josh Kelly and Katherine are the proud adoptive parents of two daughters. Their first child is Nancy Leigh born in 2009 in South Korea. In 2012, the couple adopted second daughter, Adelaide Marie Hope. In addition to their daughters, the couple welcomed son, Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr. on December 2016.

#6 They both have worked together

In 2016, Josh Kelly released his album, New Lane Road in which Katherine made her directorial debut. She was both behind and in front of the camera for the video accompanying the LP’s first single, “It’s Your Move.”

#7 He doesn’t like doing music videos

Talking to Rolling Stone, Kelley revealed he doesn’t “like doing videos, because I’m not good at ’em” And that’s how the idea of Katherine directing him came about.

#8 Kelley doesn’t like his music to have a ‘stamp’

On the same interview with Rolling Stone and talking about New Lane Road, “I don’t know why everything has to have a stamp on it. I love making music. I love writing lyrics and singing, so it just comes together like it’s supposed to be.”

#9 His brother is also a famous musician

Josh’s brother, Charles Kelley is one-third of Lady Antebellum. Growing up, the two formed a band called, Inside Blue together. Their self-released indie CD gained airplay on local radio and caught the attention of soul legend James Brown.

#10 He is also a closeted artist  

According to his website, Kelley has been painting and drawing since he was a kid, but had not really told anybody about it. He says Katherine has encouraged him to let the world know about his artwork.

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