Herman Cain’s Wife Gloria Etchison

Gloria Etchison

Gloria Etchison is the longtime wife of politician, businessman, author and radio host, Herman Cain.

Gloria’s husband is one of two picks of president Trump for the Federal Reserve Board. However, his nomination seems unlike as more Republican Senators vocalize their opposition.

The Memphis, Tennessee native born December 13, 1945; holds a B.S. Mathematics from Morehouse College and a M.S. Computer Science from Purdue University.

He worked as a civilian employee for the Department of the Navy early in his career and began his corporative career at Coca-Cola. He is perhaps best known as the former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza.

Cain a 2012 Republican presidential candidate, launched CainTV.com. In 2013 and was hired by Fox News as a contributor. In 2016, his book “The Right Problems: What the President, Congress, and Every Candidate Should Be Working On,” is published.

He’s been married to wife, Gloria for the past 51-years.

Gloria Etchison

Gloria Etchison met her future husband while attending college. At the time she was a freshman at Morris Brown College, and Cain was a sophomore at nearby Morehouse College.

The two began dating and were married four years later in 1968. The couple settled in Atlanta and have been inseparable. Together they raised two adult children Melanie born in 1971 and Vincent, born in 1977. They are also proud grandparents to at least three grandchildren.

Etchinson has been supportive of her husband’s career. However, the longtime spouse has kept a low profile. She was nowhere to be seen in the runup to the 2012 elections. She has never given an interview, and rarely has joined her candidate husband at campaign events.

Gloria is described as a ‘warm, friendly and traditional wife’ –She spent some time working as a teacher and librarian but has been a homemaker for most of her life.

She volunteers at church, spends time with the couple’s children and grandchildren, and makes Sunday supper every week for the entire family.

It’s safe to say she’s been loyal to her husband, she stood by his side when battled colon cancer and when he faced sexual harassment allegations in 2011. She even made her first TV interview to defend her husband.