Glenn Cadrez playmate Brande Roderick’s husband

Glenn Cadrez

Glenn Cadrez is the husband of playmate and actress, Brande Roderick. His 42-year-old wife was allegedly the subject of presidential nominee, Donald Trump’s inappropriate behavior.

According to new reports, former staffers from Celebrity Apprentice have revealed Trump was ‘creepy’ around Roderick who appeared in the show in 2009 and again in 2013.

You might know Brande from her work as an actress and model. She also happens to be happily married to former NFL player, Glenn Cadrez.


Just to give you some of her background; as an actress, the gorgeous blonde has had a number of movie and TV roles. She has starred in such movies as Starsky & Hutch, Dracula II, The Nanny Diaries, Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror, and others.

In television Brande has performed in Baywatch Hawaii, Surreal Life, and Celebrity Apprentice just to mention a few.

As a model Brande has been featured in multiple magazines, and is internationally recognized for being Playboy’s 2001 Playmate of the Year.

At a first glance she might not seem like a business woman but that title can also be added to the list of her accomplishments. According to her website, Brande she founded a successful film and television production company back in 2000. Brande is always looking for new business opportunities, her most recent projects include an associated with Alkalline88 water.

According to the Daily Mail, Roderick who –appeared on the show’s eighth season, of the Celebrity Apprentice, which aired in 2009 and the 13th season, which aired in 2013 –became somewhat of an obsession for Trump –who made a host of lewd comments about the now 42-year-old model.

Brande has defended Trump in the past, saying he was never disrespectful to her.

Brande has been happily married to former NFL linebacker, Glenn E. Cadrez since 2007.


Cadrez 46, is a California native who played 11 seasons in the National Football League, mainly for the Denver Broncos. Glenn Cadrez was drafted by the New York Jets in 1992 while attending the University of Houston.

He played with the Broncos from 1995 until 2000 and competed in Super Bowl XXXII. Glenn Cadrez also played for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Following his retirement from football, Glenn co-founded the horror film production company BloodWorks. Glenn met Brande on the set of ‘Hood of Horror,’ which his company was financing.

Together the couple are the proud parents of two sons: Keaton, and Kannon.

Glenn is also the father of three daughters from a previous relationship: Tahnee, Caylee, Phoebee.

What do you think Glenn’s opinion is in this whole Trump thing with his hot wife?